Monday, May 11, 2015

taking orders : magnetic poetry kit

Dave Kapell, the founder was suffering from writer's block while trying to compose song lyrics. So he came up with this!

 Inspired from the original magnetic poetry kit and the opening scene in What If (great movie, btw).
Contains over 300 words and word fragments.
Great gift for aspiring poets and lit buffs!

35 myr

taking orders : floral ombre hanging curtain

(pic credits to laurdiy)

Have a blank wall you want to fill? :)

Customisable colors and lengths.

Email me at for quotation or any inquiries.

taking orders : giant paper flower decor

(pics credit to

Made out of card stock.
Each flower has a string attached behind so that you can secure it to something.

Perfect for a party's photo wall back drop!

Email me at for quotation or any inquiries.


Hey all! I've been mia with uni and stuff but i'm back with some handmade gems which im opening orders for! 

Do note:
- Give me some time to process your orders and make them. 
- Some items may be too fragile to post so meet ups are preferred.
- If you want to customize with colours and sizes, do let me know! :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

celebration collection

it's been awhile i hadn't posted any crowns, here's a mega update for you! These are all the crowns available in store :) some of their names are real names of colors, would you believe that!

(1) burgundy

20 myr

(2) carmine


(3) woodland fallow 

22 myr

(4) salt and pepper pink


(5) ocean blue


(6) bittersweet


(7) wild vines and roses


(8) elfern


(9) tea rose

15 myr

(10) isabelline

20 myr

(11) champagne

20 myr

(11) red


Monday, October 7, 2013

all that glitters is Gold series : Part 3 {whimsy}

whimsy bracelet stack

featuring a full gold charm bracelet (what a charmer!) with seven whimsical ornaments paired with a simple blue & gold cord sparrow number.

25 MYR

Saturday, October 5, 2013

all that glitters is Gold series : Part 2 {fine}

fine bracelet and necklace set

our first b&n set! :) and our in- house model makes her first debut! i named her lilly after the flower, lily of the valley. ✿❀

25 MYR